Developing a comprehensive, cohesive marketing campaign prior to launching a new product is of utmost importance in order to gain initial recognition and promote longterm loyalty amongst target audiences. With this in mind, M studio worked with the Bettye Muller Shoes team to conceptualize and create branded marketing assets in support of their new line with a youthful flair, Bettye. 

Focusing on three cornerstone styles, M studio’s video production team developed a unique storyline for each. These videos will be used on social media platforms, so, considering today’s audiences’ propensity for scrolling past lengthy video posts, we focused on creating the most impact in only a few seconds. Employing techniques such as stop motion animation and time lapse, we were able to express the brand ethos while telling succinct yet impactful stories. 

In addition to video production, M studio provided web design and development in order to create a digital hub that would house information on the Bettye brand, including professionally captured photography assets and a realtime Instagram feed. More of a “sitelet” than a full website, asks the brand’s trademark question, “Who’s that girl?” and presents the user with images and messaging that give a glimpse into what makes a Bettye a Bettye.