The Complex AP

Through a system of hidden doors and secret hallways, The Complex conjoins the beloved Asbury Park dive bar, Bond Street Bar, with two new sister restaurants, the vibrant Mexican joint, Lotería, and the rustic Italian eatery, Capitoline. Drawing influence from the eyeball emblem we had originally designed for Bond Street Bar, M studio developed a system of icons that could represent The Complex.


In reference to the restaurant’s Italian cuisine, Capitoline’s logo was inspired by the legend of the founding of Rome and its association with the Capitoline Wolf. The minimalist wolf icon is a paired down reimagining of a nearly millennium-old Capitoline Wolf statue. Lotería’s logo was similarly inspired by the culture associated with the restaurant’s cuisine. The mermaid icon is drawn from the “La Sirena” card in the game of chance, Lotería, played throughout Mexico.


While we kept the new logos black, we applied the CMYK color scheme of the Bond Street Bar logo to the responsive website we designed and developed for the establishments. This color scheme works to differentiate the three locations, with yellow representing Bond Street Bar, magenta representing Capitoline, and Cyan representing Lotería. The website houses menus and information pertaining to each restaurant all within one streamlined, intuitive platform. We also applied this branding and color palette to additional design assets, including custom match boxes with cyan-colored match heads and postcards with the three icons in yellow, magenta, and cyan.